RenderMan/RIS and the start of next 25 years


FXGUIDE just published an exclusive in-depth article about the new PRMan, very fascinating:


Redshift for Maya GPU Renderer test


This is a test I did with the new GPU Rendere Redshift ( on a rather low end machine (GeForce 650 Ti, 1GB DDR, intel i5 4 cores, 16GB Ram)

The test features Physical Sun & Sky, Glossy Reflection, Displacement Map, Motion Blur, and Bokeh effect. It only took about 2:30 minutes per frame @ 720p .

Increasing the sampling would eliminate those noise on the reflection pass without increasing the render time drastically, but that would be for another test scene in future.

[ Model by Damir G. Martin, Rig by Brian Foster, Animation Cycle by Leo Paschakis | Courtesy of Sinking Ship Entertainment ]